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Kilian Martin Collections

Watches and Sunglasses created directly from the skateboards Kilian has ridden

Freestyle Skateboarder Kilian Martin

In 2010, Kilian Martin skyrocketed to fame in Madrid after winning the World Cup Freestyle Skateboarding competition in Paderborn,Germany. His fame in the US soon followed after his skateboarding video “A Skate Escalation,” produced by Brett Novak in Los Angeles, went viral, even being shared by the Legend Tony Hawk himself.

Kilian has sent us a very special skateboard from his Per Welinder Skull Freestyle Skateboard video!  We where lucky enough to create 12 amazing watches from this skateboard. This new collection has the first 6.  Extremely unique and very limited opportunity to wear a piece of skateboard history! Don’t sleep on these! When they’re gone, they’re gone!

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We’re so stoked to bring these collections of sunglasses cut straight from the boards of pro freestyle skateboarder Kilian Martin!

Each skateboard has lived a full life with Kilian until it couldn’t be ridden any longer and we’re so excited to give it a second life with these sunglasses! We can create 6 or 7 pairs of sunglasses from each of Kilian’s skateboards, so each collection is extremely limited.

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